Volleyball Team Enjoys Successful Season

As fall sports come to an end, the volleyball season is just beginning to heat up. Throughout the season, it was a learning experience for everyone, starting with new captains, senior Jenny Nohara and senior Michelle Klinikowski, as well as adjusting to a team half new to varsity.

Photo provided by Lifetouch.
Photo provided by Lifetouch.

“I am beyond proud of what my team was able to accomplish this year,” Nohara said. This year was very different for everyone, but they pushed through and made it easy to succeed. “Personally, I feel like I did well this season because I had my whole team behind me,” Nohara said. “They were all there to encourage me through the season.”

Klinikowski, despite the school season still going, is already looking forward to the club season starting. “I just want to be able to start working and fixing and improving a couple skills,” Klinikowski said.

Both captains can agree on multiple things that occurred throughout the season, one of which being they are both very proud of the girls who went the extra mile. “I’m really proud of all the new girls who stepped up this year. They are all doing so great this year and are so much fun to have on the team,” Klinikowski said.

Photo provided by Lifetouch.
Photo provided by Lifetouch.

One memory that was mutual between both girls was the experience of being captains together and supporting one another. “One of my favorite memories from volleyball over all four years of high school was being able to do it with my best friend. I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to be a captain with me either besides Michelle,” Nohara said.

The team this past year has won the ECC Large Division and the overall. On November 13 they attended semi-finals in states.

Madi Curcuro, Opinion Editor

Senior Madi Curcuro is Opinion Editor for the 2014-2015 Colonel. She is on the swim team.

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