A Club With a Vision

YUGA President junior Rachelle Robeson had a clear vision for the final day of the “Because I Am a Girl” campaign. The goal was to have a school wide pink out so that students could show their support for girls’ rights all over the world. “It was really great to see how many people get involved and interested in the ‘Because I am a Girl’ campaign,” Robeson said.

The club also hosted their photo booth for the second time. “I could tell people were having a lot of fun taking the pictures and we’re excited to do something different,” Robeson said. “Looking through the pictures and seeing the smiling faces and laughter made me smile.”

YUGA Secretary sophomore Jenna McHale also enjoyed watching the photo booth in action. “I loved seeing students participate in the photo booth,” McHale said. “It was so fun watching them dressed up in masks and funky accessories for such a good cause.”

The purpose of the photobooth was to spread awareness and teach students about the struggles that women face in not only undeveloped countries, but also developed. “Gender inequality creates so many issues for girls and women all over the world, ranging from what they get paid, if they are able to receive an education, or if they are even allowed to leave their house without a man by their side,” Robeson said. “Because women in the U.S. still get paid 77 cents to the dollar men are, there is still domestic violence and rape that women are involved in, and there are social stigmas that affect girls’ and women’s lives everyday and hold them back.”

According to Robeson, gender inequality will always be an issue unless people are taught about these alarming facts and situations women are put under.

YUGA will also be holding two other campaigns this year, hoping to be as successful as they were this fall. “In the spring, our campaign will be ‘Walk 4 Wells’, which focuses on lack of water and sanitation,” Robeson said. “We are looking forward to doing a mini-campaign in the winter on an extra issue that we as a group choose, and we are possibly going to be hosting a ‘Girl Rising Showing’ at some point in the year.”


Megan Brawner, Sports Editor

Junior Megan Brawner is Sports Editor for the 2014-2015 Colonel. She serves as Secretary for the Junior Class, is a lead runner on the track and cross country teams, and takes pictures for Inner Visions and Teen Ink.

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