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The season started on Sept. 9 at Plainfield High, and the Boys’ Cross Country team was ready. The meet was putty in their hands, holding a win against Plainfield and Stonington. Then, the season fast forwarded to the end: one senior competing at New England’s. Senior Bryce Hedman glided over the finish line with a place of 21st and the crowd roared. The season of fall 2014 was one of strong determination and glory.

“This is the first time Ledyard has done this well on the state level in years. I am very pleased,” Captain junior Aaron Norcia said. Not only did they win the majority of their meets, but they also went on to place as runner ups in the state at the Class M meet and claim second at ECCs. However, Captain senior Bryce Hedman placed 23rd at State Opens, which qualified him for New England’s.

The team believes these achievements were the main highlights of their season, and that all together they did very well. “I think we all did great,” sophomore Christian Kuss said. “We started off disorganized, but then came together to form a great varsity pack.”

Aside from the wins and the brilliance that occurred over the course of this three month sport, it’s working together and having a great time that matters just as much. Some of their best memories were the “ridiculous” amounts of pasta parties or playing tag and ultimate Frisbee with the team. Together, the Boys’ Cross Country team truly dominated on the courses, and it made for an amazing season altogether.



Megan McKern, Staff Writer

Sophomore Megan McKern is a staff writer for the 2014-2015 Colonel. She participates in GSA, fencing, and the indoor soccer team.


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