More Than a Song

Just hearing the song on the radio, you can tell “Take Me to Church” has a deeper meaning than many of the popular songs heard today. However, the music video has instantly hit another level, from the symbolism of the chained box to the gruesome treatment of the characters. The video is focused around the discrimination that homosexuals face in Russia. What may seem like a dramatic reenactment is unfortunately a reality for outspoken LGBT people in the country. Although this music video may be difficult to watch, it is what our society needs: a call to attention to real issues around the world. Too many pop artists have the power to influence millions of people, yet they fill their videos by degrading people as sex machines and idolizing partying, drinking, and doing drugs. “Take Me to Church” has finally opened up the world of pop culture to real-life struggles. Hozier is a perfect example of someone using his worldwide fame to pass on a powerful message rather than simply making a video of him twerking with other girls.

Viewer discretion advised. Violence and sensitive material.



Sarah Schilke, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Senior Sarah Schilke is Arts & Entertainment Editor for the 2014-2015 Colonel. She is the Girl’s Cross Country captain and participates in Youth Alive Bible Club.

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