The Battle Has Begun

The film starts with Smaug’s attack on the Lake City, and it’s dead. The dwarves isolate into the mountain and ignore the help searching people from the lake, because the Arkenstone made Thorin sick. Elves and other dwarves arrive and they are “eye to eye” as enemies to each other. But the big battle is when the Orcs attack, and the dwarves, humans and elves build an alliance to fight them together. Later in the movie, Thorin gets his mind back and fights the orc leader. Both of them die. This is The Hobbit.

The story around the fight of humans, orcs, elves, the great eagles and dwarves takes up huge volume in the movie. The battle is really good, the scenes are fast, powerful and intensive. It is a pleasure to watch it. The fights are perfectly planned and  look very real. But for Hobbit fans, this battle is perhaps a bit too long. The real fans of the book story want more on the attack on the lake city, the Arkenstone and the dwarf king, because those are the main parts in the novel.

In such a good movie it is sad that the mood of the first two pieces is lost. The fight reminds us too much about The Lord of the Rings and that is not the movie we want to watch. The first two films were a good mix of humor, action and feelings, but this movie is just mainly action. Another much criticized detail is the love between a dwarf and an elf; this seems a bit too much fantasy. Peter Jackson tried to make a good film for everyone, but sometimes, you should just continue what you started.

The scenes are epic, as is Orlando Bloom who plays Legolas in the movie; everybody who loves the Middle Earth movies loves Legolas.



Till Hambörger, Staff Writer

Junior Till Hambörger is a staff writer for the 2014-2015 Colonel. He is a foreign exchange student from Germany.

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