Oxidize Odyssey

It all began when several years ago sophomore Michael -“Waldo”- Riegert got his iPad Mini for Christmas. While playing around with all the preinstalled apps, he discovered Garageband and began messing around with its tools, just seeing what he could do. He liked it, and kept going with it, pursuing several apps to make music.

“I still use Garageband, along with a few other apps found on the iPad, including DM1, and Magellan Synthesizer,” Riegert said. Not all of what Riegert does is electronic; he plays guitar and a little of piano too, which he records and incorporates into his songs.

A lot of the inspiration behind his music comes from actually seeing things in general.It doesn’t matter what it is, but if he sees something he likes that’s how his music comes to mind. “I have actually based one of my songs on mathematics; some songs come from just messing around,” Riegert said. “It’s often a fun process I go through in creating music, often taking hours.”

He calls himself, as in his music, Oxidize Odyssey. “The name doesn’t have a very interesting story behind it,” Riegert said. I found the word ‘oxidize’ and since that was already taken, I just added ‘odyssey.’”

Riegert wants to become an audio technician in the future, so with that said, he wants to continue what he does for awhile. “Depending on what people think of it, I may never stop.”

Link to Sound Cloud: https://soundcloud.com/waldos_mixes


Madi Curcuro, Opinion Editor

Senior Madi Curcuro is Opinion Editor for the 2014-2015 Colonel. She is on the swim team.

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