A Wrong Turn

In recent news, Brian Williams, a popular anchorman for NBC news, resigned from his 10 year position. During an episode, Williams reported live from Iraq, something that hit hard to his viewers. However, the events that Williams recounted were later proved to be false. Williams said his helicopter had been hit by ground fire when he had actually been miles from the incident. It is unclear as to why Williams lied on national television, but it has surely affected his career. Though he apologizes to all veterans and families who mistook the events as real, his career at NBC may have very well taken a wrong turn.

Journalist Rebecca Adelman has a different take on the Williams scandal. She believes that the events associated with Williams indicate the lack of respect toward our military. “NBC’s official statement on his suspension did not mention them [the military] at all,” writes Adelman. Instead the emphasis was on the incident’s affront to the television network’s reputation, and on the need to keep the trust of their millions of viewers.” Adelman points out the heavy influence of the media and the attention it takes away from essential things like the military that deserve the same if not more respect. Adelman is not, nor has she ever been, involved with the military; yet, she feels the heavy societal impact on the common, but often undisclosed issue of media superiority. The Williams incident has deeply affected men and women who serve and anyone with ties to the military.

The majority of news articles addressing this incident cover only the financial impact in relation to media influence. This may be an underlying problem resulting from Williams’s scandal. Though many focus on the celebrity’s “career suicide,” the events of the Feb. 10 NBC show have opened America’s eyes to possibly a bigger issue- respect and devotion to the military.


Samantha Barnes, Staff Writer

Junior Samantha Barnes is a staff writer for the 2014-2015 Colonel. She competes all over New England with her three horses and plays basketball at school.

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