Boston Marathon Bombing Brought To Court

Almost two years ago, the annual Boston Marathon was disrupted by two consecutive explosions of bombs that had been placed on the sidewalk near the finish line. The explosions killed three and injured 264 others. The suspects were later identified as two brothers, Dzhozkar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, ages 19 and 26 at the time of the attack. Three days later, the eldest brother was killed in a shootout by police.

Dzhokhar’s trial started Mar. 4. His defense is taking an interesting angle by admitting Dzhokhar is responsible for the bombing, but that his late brother was the mastermind of the operation. He is formally pleading “not guilty” due to this. His attorneys are aiming for life in prison over the death penalty, which is illegal in the state of Massachusetts, but due to the trial being a federal case, Dzhokhar is eligible for it.

Survivors of the attack have testified against Dzhokhar by sharing their stories of the horror they experienced. “I saw a flash, I heard three or four pops, and I was on the ground,” Jeff Bauman recounts, a man who lost both legs in the attack.

The trial was expected to last until June, but is moving surprisingly quickly and may be over by next month. Dzhozkar is almost certain to be found guilty due to his admission of the crime.


Annabelle Dunbar, Staff Writer

Sophomore Annabelle Dunbar is a staff writer for the 2014-2015 Colonel. She is on the cheer leading team and writes her own films.

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