Left Overs Take a New Form

The LHS lunch staff has been vigorously planning a sculpture that they are going to be making out of the leftover food. “We have decided to make a sculpture [trying to live by] the ‘waste not want not’ [motto] and also because our food is good,” lunch lady Miss Irene said.

The theme of the sculpture is “healthy food” to help them promote how to live a healthy life style. It will mostly be constructed out of grapes, oranges, and whatever they served for lunch in the past few weeks. They are going to use yogurt to hold it all together.

The few students who have heard about these plans are looking forward to seeing the results. “I think it is a cool idea,” junior Ruth Gowitzke said. “It is creative and, as far as I know, it has not been done before at LHS.”

Senior Amber Johnson is curious to see the turn out of the sculpture, but she is a little worried. “It does sound neat, but it could be kind of gross because of the rotten food,” Johnson said.

According to Miss Irene, the grand reveal of the sculpture will be at second lunch on April 6. The sculpture will be on display in front of the office, so it will be the first thing that visitors see when they walk in. The administration is putting it there with hopes that it will inspire people to want to eat healthier.


Dani Tynan, News Editor

Junior Dani Tynan is News Editor for the 2014-2015 Colonel. She plays varsity volleyball and softball, and participates in Operation Smiles.

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