Really Restoring?

Among recent news, Governor Mike Pence signed the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Members of the LGBT community feel very threatened and targeted. The act gives legal support to allow business owners to turn away gays on behalf of their religion. Religious conservative groups support this solely for the religious freedom aspect. What is so aggravating about this is that is it blatantly discriminating a group of people in public places. The route toward equality has been put to a standstill. With all the success of the LGBT community, this is definitely a fall back. What is most mind-boggling is that business owners would refuse service and money in return for what they have confused as “protection.”

What people have failed to realize is the possibility of business owners losing actual business because of discrimination. If a court case derives from this new law, victims may still have a chance of winning. This causes a lot of confusion of the purpose of the act itself. There is no guarantee that the Restoration Act will indefinitely dismiss people from basic discrimination. Though this act appears terrifying, the actual impact of it cannot be determined yet. That being said, the negative impact on the LGBT community will definitely cause rebellion. The community is at the peak of their success and, among other groups, have a very strong voice in the government.

The reaction of the nation shows that people’s views have surely changed over the last few years. Most Americans do not tolerate discriminatory behavior. Many are wondering whether this number will increase or decrease according to the law. Governor Pence is trying to protect a very small minority in their business rights. However, people who are also regular customers, are being turned away because of their sexual orientation. The group of religious conservatives that this law aims to protect are stupid, for lack of a better word. They are turning away money from, not from just a single person, but a large and growing community. They want to ensure their own rights that come with ownership, yet will soon be losing money.


Samantha Barnes, Staff Writer

Junior Samantha Barnes is a staff writer for the 2014-2015 “Colonel”. She competes all over New England with her three horses and plays basketball at school.

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