A New Addition to Foxwoods

After several months of anxiously waiting, the Tanger Outlets opened their doors to the public. Inside, there are three levels of stores. The outlets are super convenient for those who are shopping fanatics. “The outlets are so awesome! Now I don’t have to drive all the way up to Clinton,” junior Raeghan O’Connor said. Many agree with O’Connor’s opinion. The outlets are much closer and may not be a “luxury” anymore.

Junior Kelly Lamb shares a dissenting opinion. “I love the outlets, but man, now I am going to spend all of my money there.” Recent Twitter feeds reveal that the outlets are amazing and horrible at the same time. The temptations of classy fashion and the hottest accessories are now only a ten minute drive. Another big change is the shift from Mohegan Sun to Foxwoods. While Mohegan offers the luxuries of a few stores and restaurants, there is a distinct abundance, much more significant, at Foxwoods with its newest addition.

The outlets offer a wide range of stores to meet the needs of practically everybody. The businesses located in the Tanger outlets have already become one of the biggest, new attractions nearby. While the businesses themselves encourage this extravagant spending that is and will be the new “fad,” it is important to remember not to blow all of our money.


Samantha Barnes, Staff Writer

Junior Samantha Barnes is a staff writer for the 2014-2015 Colonel. She competes all over New England with her three horses and plays basketball at school.

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