Pass on the Pass?

For the new drivers who have just received their licenses, the opportunity to drive independently means increased freedom and better access around town, especially for a part time job. With many students who switch from buses and drop-offs to parking their own cars, there are concerns that exist regarding the ability to park, particularly regarding the prices.

Parking permits ensure the most efficient way to manage space safely and efficiently, and are essentially, both a rental and a trust agreement between students and the school. Comparing to various public high schools around the nation, who often offer permits between $75-100 dollars, our permits are really affordable, at $25. In terms of the ethics of the fee, renting space does allow for maintenance of the parking, while diverting taxes and funds towards something else.

Other criticisms may exist regarding the freedom to choose a spot or if during the winter, the allotted spaces freezes over, which does pose a hazard for surrounding vehicles. Nonetheless, the documentation involved in receiving a parking pass, should help ensure a backup plan.

There always needs to be organization and management of the roads in order for safe and organized parking to exist. By incorporating the pass, it is the first step to ensure trust for new drivers.


Kenneth Tran, Staff Writer

Senior Kenneth Tran is a staff writer for the 2014-2015 Colonel. He is co-leader of the Amnesty International club and participates in the National Ocean Science Bowl.

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