A Successful Season with a New Coach

The softball team encountered a lot of change this season with the arrival of their new coach, Brittany Connors. The team did not let the adjustment to new coaching styles and environment stand in their way. In the beginning of the season the team set a goal for themselves that consisted of making it to the state tournament. Unfortunately, the team did not qualify for the ECC tournament, but they did not let that minor setback stop them. The team continued working hard to capture the last few wins, earning them a spot in the first round of states.

Making the tournament made both the coach and players extremely happy. “I felt like I had something to prove as a young coach, and I’m proud that through all the challenges we pulled together and did well,” Connors said.

The girls’ opponent for the first round of states was East Lyme. During the game, the team put up a good fight. “I definitely feel that the game could have gone either way,” left- fielder senior Haley Wilt said. “Even though it seems like they killed us, it was only one inning. We were up five to zero for a few innings.”

The final score of the game was Ledyard 7-, East Lyme 11. This was a disappointing loss for the team. “I feel like at one point just a split second, of the game we gave up,” third baseman senior Brianna Bisson said. “And in that split second, it all changed our attitudes, everything.”

Overall many of the players would agree that it was a successful season. The team ended with a regular season record of 10-10. “I feel like it was a good season with a new coach, but I feel like the team had more potential than we showed,” Wilt said. “Through many bumps and learning new coaches’ techniques I’d say the team had great transition doing better than last year.”


Dani Tynan, News Editor

Junior Dani Tynan is News Editor for the 2014-2015 Colonel. She plays varsity volleyball and softball, and participates in Operation Smiles.

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