Flashback Friday

Jenna Bensko graduated from Ledyard this past spring. She is now a freshman at Cornell. Bensko was a Chamber and Select singer. The Colonel checked back in with her to see how she likes college in the big apple.

The Colonel: “Did you always know you wanted to go to Cornell?”

Bensko:“I actually applied to Cornell on the day of the deadline and knew absolutely nothing about it, so not quite.”

The Colonel: “What are you majoring in?”

Bensko:“I’m majoring in Environmental Science and Sustainability.”

The Colonel:“Do you think you did anything in high school that made you stand out in the admission process?”

Bensko: “I honestly don’t think I did anything more outstanding than any of my other classmates. The college process is weird, you get rejected from your safety schools sometimes and accepted to schools you could have never imagined. Sometimes it’s your major that helps you get in or even what state you’re from.”

The Colonel: “What is life in the ivy league like compared to other universities?”

Bensko: “I wanna say it’s the same, I haven’t really been to too many other universities. The only thing is you’re surrounded by people that have so many connections which is really nice.”

The Colonel:“Do you have any advice for any current LHS students who want to attend the ivy league?”

Bensko: “My advice would just be to try to make yourself stand out by doing things you enjoy. They want to see commitment, not just a bunch of random clubs. Also have fun, enjoy high school, and don’t stress too much. It will all work out.”

The Colonel: “What is campus life like?”

Bensko: “Campus life is what you would expect it would be. People here are very social and since it’s such a big school everyone is so friendly. It’s like a mini city.”

The Colonel: “How did you decide to attend Cornell?”

Bensko: “Honestly I knew by coming to Cornell I would meet so many intelligent and motivated people that would help me push myself to my full potential. And Ithaca is a great area.”

The Colonel:“Did LHS prepare you for Cornell?”

Bensko: “ Well I guess they did the best they could. But nothing can really prepare you for a lecture hall with 500 people and a professor that talks too fast. And it’s so different from high school in so many different ways.”

The Colonel:“Is there anything you miss (or do not miss) about high school?”

Bensko:“I definitely miss our music program because I had some really great memories and I miss my friends. But other than that I don’t really miss much. You have way more free time and can pick your own schedule.”

The Colonel:“Is there anything you wish you could have changed in your high school career?”

Bensko: “I don’t really have anything I wish I could’ve changed, I really liked my high school experience.”

Megan Rosen, Staff Writer

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