Alec DeAndrade

The Colonel:  What after school activities are you involved in?

Alec: I am involved in about three after school activities. Civil Air Patrol, which is an Air Force Auxiliary, nonprofit, in short is a military version of boy scouts, but has missions, aerospace education, cadet programs, and emergency services. I am also currently in the 5th Connecticut Regiment, one of many revolutionary reenactment groups. Lastly, I am still officially involved in BSA (Boy Scouts of America), but sadly not involved anymore.

The Colonel: Which after school activity is your favorite?

Alec: Civil Air Patrol and flying are my main points of focus right now because flying is my passion and I want to pursue it as a career . . . I’m working on getting my pilot’s license, with 50 hours [of time in a plane, some of which was solo flying] already logged.

The Colonel: How did you discover flying as a career?

Alec: I found my passion in flying through my father, who was in the Air Force and flew bombers, including the B-1 bomber. Now he flies for Delta Airlines, which has given me opportunities to fly around the world. As an employee, he family, and friends get to fly on any Delta flight for free.

The Colonel: What countries have you traveled to?

Alec: I have traveled to dozens of countries some of which include: Spain, France, Hungary, Italy, Belgium, Amsterdam, India, Thailand, and Japan.

The Colonel: Which country was your favorite?

Alec: My favorite country I have visited was Japan because I saw the most scenery and landscape. It was the most breathtaking thing I’ve seen. The most cultural country I’ve been to was India. There I have family so I saw how people lived.

The Colonel: How did you get involved in reenacting?

Alec: I came involved in reenacting around the fourth grade, where my brother really wanted to join some sort of revolutionary war group. We went to Sturbridge Village where we found the 5th Connecticut Regiment. My favorite part is being a part of the battles we reenact, the organization of the battle and chaos mixed in is really exciting and never gets boring.

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