LHS Shows Their Pride at Veterans Day Assembly

“We’re always ready for the call, We place our trust in thee.Through surf and storm and howling gale, high shall our purpose be.” Most people probably don’t know these lyrics are from the chorus of the Coast Guard anthem–usually remembered on Nov. 11– a day where people appreciate all the work that veterans have done for our country. These proud men and women have provided us freedom, liberty and the overall feeling of safety. It does not matter if you know anyone who served. The Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force, Army and Marine Corps all have one purpose: to help those who need it most. This is why the Veterans Day Assembly is so important.
“I’m a rabidly patriotic person and former military, so the assembly truly honors me and my values,” said band director Thomas Green. This particular assembly has the whole school gathered in the auditorium watching as students perform music and administrators talk about how important this day truly is. “I think the students benefit by being forced to think of what Veterans Day truly means,” Green said. “It is also a chance to see their colleagues performing in honor of veterans.”
Amanda Fagan, LHS principal, said this assembly is a collaborative effort. “I work with the music department, especially Mr. Green, and have also enlisted the help of Mr. Buonocore, Mr. Casertano and Mrs. Schwenk in the past,” Fagan said. “In previous years, Mr. Green arranged for us to have an honor guard from the U.S. Navy, but this year, he worked with an LHS alum who works at the Coast Guard Academy to get Coast Guard cadets to do the flags.”
Even though it is an hour long, this assembly really shows how much time and energy was put into making it all possible. “It was Mr. Casertano who helped solidify our plan around the live teacher/veteran interviews that will take place this year, linking the concept to the NPR StoryCorps app, that some of our U.S. History students will be using over Thanksgiving break,” Fagan said. She believes that this assembly brings people together in order to broaden our understanding of the world we live in. “It’s important to see the bigger picture and to try to understand the choices people make and the sacrifices that have long been made by members of the armed forces who work to protect our freedoms and, hopefully, to better the lives of those they protect.”

Ruth Gowitzke, Staff Writer

Senior Ruth Gowitzke is a staff writer for the 2015-2016 Colonel. She participates in Symphonic Band, Marching Band and Jazz Band.

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