Royal Oaks Review

Cult 90’s films and sitcoms made it a rite of passage to somehow be involved in a laughable high school rock band. Whether you’re the girlfriend who’s the subject of the post break-up song or the parents stuck having band practice in their garage, most high school punk rock bands fall apart just as quickly as they get together. One band not to laugh at: Royal Oaks.

Made up of two full-time members, senior Logan Hinton and junior Zeb Mrowka, with on and off members senior Ben Gardener and freshman Emma Graebner, Royal Oaks is as determined as it is inventive.

A self-described mix of rock and roll veteran Weezer and hardcore emo bands like Modern Baseball and Cap’n Jazz, Royal Oaks pieces together punchy, revealing and often incredibly specific lyrics with an indie vibe.

“We combine those [bands] and Royal Oaks comes out I suppose,” Mrowka said.

However, it’s been a lot harder than words just “coming out” for the band that formed virtually on their Bandcamp account, uploading an early cover of 3OH!3’s “Don’t Trust Me” and later the two summer singles, “Sweatshirt” and “Why Did You Leave Me?”

“Right now, we’re working on an album,” Mrowka said. “We also want to play as many shows as we can.”

Royal Oaks is set to perform at the music venue, The Space, in Hamden Nov. 27 with other Ledyard High School seniors Gardener, Avery Davies and Tom Bora making up the band Peaches.

“For the first time we’re using a sax player, we’re playing a song that was a staple on the Disney Channel, three other amazing bands are playing, it’s only $10, and who even knows we might even do a Christmas song,” Mrowka said. “There really is no reason not to go.”

You can listen to them on their Bandcamp account here:

Leah Sheltry, Assistant Editor in Chief of the Colonel

Senior Leah Sheltry is the Assistant Editor-in-Chief of the 2015-2016 Colonel. She is the secretary of Youth United for Global Action and Awareness (YUGA) Club and is on the swim team.

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