Coverage Concerns

On Nov. 13, horror struck in Paris, France. On the same day, in Baghdad, Iraq. A day earlier, in Beirut, Lebanon. All three were targets of mass suicide bombings, but only one was covered by major news networks like CNN, ABC and BBC. Why?

Paris received an outpouring of love and support around the globe as early as Friday night. Facebook offered a temporary option to transpose the colors of France’s flag over your profile picture and even relaunched a new feature called Safety Check, allowing people affected by disasters to alert their loved ones if they were hurt or not. However, there was no option open on Facebook to overlay your profile picture with Iraq’s tricolor flag of red, white and black, nor was the Safety Check open a day before for the Lebanon attacks.

The 24-hour news cycle didn’t cover the massacres in Iraq and Lebanon because it’s expected in “those” parts of the world. But France is like us. It’s a civilized, developed country that hadn’t had an attack on their soil since World War II. Their Friday night attacks on local cafés and concerts eerily mirrored our own Friday nights. Iraq and Lebanon are countries in the Middle East that are synonymous with violence and strife.

Pray not just for Paris, but for the senseless acts of violence that take place every day all over the world, no matter how “typical” they seem.

Convert your Facebook profile picture to have an overlap of all flags of countries terrorized by ISIS here:

Leah Sheltry, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Senior Leah Sheltry is the Assistant Editor-in-Chief of the 2015-2016 Colonel. She is the secretary of Youth United for Global Action and Awareness (YUGA) Club and is on the swim team.

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