Many Volunteering Opportunities with Key Club

This holiday season the Key Club members are very busy with different volunteer projects. On Nov. 24 members of the club helped the Salvation Army in New London with their Thanksgiving dinner. Later on during  the season they are also assisting the Salvation Army by ringing bells for donations outside Christmas Tree Shop at the Crystal Mall on Dec. 20.

Along with these special holiday events, the club will continue to volunteer with the Ledyard elementary schools and the Ledyard Parks and Recreation Committee.They will also be continuing with the Needy Families Fund Committee, which they have recently formed. This committee organizes events throughout the year to assist people in the community that need help with meeting basic needs.

Ringing the bells for donations is quite popular among the clubs members. “It’s fun to ring the bells and watch how many people donate on the way in and out of the mall,” junior Bethanie Deveau said.

President of the club, senior Gianni Jannke encourages people to join. “Key Club is a great way to learn about new service opportunities and to help others,” he said. “ It is really wonderful to be a part of a group that enjoys serving others. We have quite a good time, meet many needy people and have definitely made a change in the various communities.” Biology teacher Kristen Montgomery, the club  advisor encourgaes students to check out to learn about voulunteering oppportinites with the club.

Dani Tynan, Editor in Chief of Horizons

Senior Dani Tynan is the Editor-in-Chief of the 2015-2016 Horizons Yearbook. She is on the volleyball and softball team and she participates in Operation Smile.



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