The Curious Savage

Lights, camera, action! This year’s fall play was about a woman named Ethel P. Savage (Haley Mikkelsen) who inherited ten million dollars from her husband, who had recently passed away. Ethel gets sent to an insane asylum by her children, who each want the money she is hiding. At the asylum, she meets some interesting characters who, by the end, she grows fond of. The children were played by Michael Bunch, Spencer Kilby and Tricia Tolles . The guests of the sanatorium were played by Jessica Armstrong, Amanda King, Ashley McCarthy, Carter Smith and Eli Uttley Rosado. The staff of the sanatorium were played by Andrea Gamboa and Connor Masten.

Russell Hammond, the director of the play and choral director, put on this play because he felt there should be a comedy this time around, because last year’s play and musical had a more serious tone to it. “The Curious Savage is a frequently done show and is a wonderful sentimental comedy that also delivers a pretty powerful message. These are my favorite types of shows.” Hammond said that the play was a great success and is proud of all the students who put hard work into the characters and set. “The whole process was wonderful. I am confident anybody who saw the show would say the show was funny, heart warming and the students did an amazing job.”

Overall, Hammond said the play was not only enjoyable to watch, but also a good indicator of just how good the students performed and worked on the play. “For The Curious Savage, I enjoyed finding the balance between the comedy and the touchy feely parts of the show,” Hammond said. “To hear the audience burst out laughing one minute and then audibly sighing at the sensitive moments, let me know the students were successful.”

Olivia Triplett, who attended the show, thought that it was very well done. “I loved the parts at the end, where it was so clear how much the Cloister residents truly loved Mrs. Savage,” she said. She also said that her favorite character was Ms. Paddy who was played by Amanda King. “I think I liked Ms. Paddy the best because of how the character was written and also how Amanda played the part,” Triplett said. “The emotional stress and background of the character was really poignant.”

Ruth Gowitzke, Staff Writer

Senior Ruth Gowitzke is a staff writer for the 2015-2016 Colonel. She participates in Symphonic Band, Marching Band and Jazz Band.


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