Dec. 11 Report Card


To Thanksgiving break: It was such a nice little break filled with family, friends and food. We just wish it was a little bit longer.

To the holiday coffee house: Apart from the May coffee house in the courtyard, the holiday version is our favorite. It’s full of Christmas carols, cookies, and of course, coffee.

To the NHS Toy Drive: Donating your new toys or money ends Dec. 15! It’s such an important cause, and it helps give presents to little kids who need them!


To the two weeks before winter break: Holiday anticipation + school work = not gonna happen.

To the new salad dressing containers in the caf: We don’t really know when this happened, but all of a sudden our cafeteria got a makeover, à la the utensils and condiments. The little individual salad dressing packets were so much easier! Now you feel like you’re holding up traffic just to get a lil’ Newman’s Own.

To the AIM activities: The 30-minute activity periods are fine, but it’s the oh-god-what-do-we-do-for-the-rest-of-time feeling that deserves an F. It’s a really cute and thoughtful idea to have our input in the NEASC school standards for LHS, but … did anyone even pay attention or … care? School standards are so abstract and loose and alien-sounding that’s it’s actually embarrassing to watch our hard-working teachers try to wrangle a few examples out of us. By senior year, we know who we get along with and who we work well with, so cool it with the cheesy trust building activities.

Leah Sheltry, Assistant Editor-in-Chief of The Colonel

Senior Leah Sheltry is the Assistant Editor-in-Chief of the 2015-2016 Colonel. She is the secretary of Youth United for Global Action and Awareness (YUGA) Club and is on the swim team.

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