Part 2: Sanders or Trump?

If you pay even the slightest bit attention to the news, you will know who Donald Trump is. He is everywhere, along with all his pitiful ideas and racial slurs. I recently watched a video of one of his rallies. I watched in awe as he bashed all Muslims and said he would put cameras in mosques. His platform also includes building a wall across the Mexican border to stop illegals from coming over. The majority of Trump’s followers idolize his fame and fortune as well as his arrogance. They see this man as a role model for America. They support someone who calls out an entire religious group and makes them feel inferior, as if they aren’t bashed enough as it is. The type of followers Donald Trump attracts are not the type of people that deserve a say in choosing our nation’s leader.

I am sure you have heard Trump’s ridiculous slogan: “Make America Great Again.” The irony in this is that his ideas are unrealistic and his personality is not worthy, by any means, of a position in the White House, unless of course he were the maintenance man.

This is the part where I must acknowledge the usefulness of Trump’s platform. I do support his stand on gun control. It is such a controversial topic, but we need an executive to clear things up about the right to own guns. I agree to this only to a certain extent though. It would be a poor choice to just declare that everybody can have guns, end of story. With everything that has happened from school shootings to even small accidents, we must make it difficult to own a gun. This may come as an inconvenience to some, but this is solely for our own protection. When we make the laws too lenient, psychologically unstable people can have these same rights.

Trump’s immigration reform policy is probably one of his most popular ideas. Immigration is a serious problem and a lot of people feel very strongly about securing our borders, as our country continues to become overcrowded and swarmed with people. I support the operation of securing our borders. However, I have concerns with how exactly this will be done. Trump says he will not only build a wall across the border, but make Mexico pay for the wall as well. I think any average person could realize that this just is not feasible.

My biggest problem with Donald Trump is surprisingly not his platform. It is who he is as a person. He displays himself as a white man with money. Alongside him is his daughter, who looks like she walked straight out of Hollywood, with her perfect skin and hair. America is notorious for idolizing looks and beauty and even prioritizing it above more important things. He is very pessimistic and close minded– everything a President should not be.

Perhaps some of you have seen the short video of this mind-blowingly popular candidate imitating and making fun of a reporter with special needs. Mothers everywhere retaliated via social media. A president should appeal to every type of person and should not discriminate. That is exactly what this man will do. You are only safe if you are identical to Trump and his family.

Samantha Barnes, Social Media Editor

Senior Samantha Barnes is the Social Media Editor of the 2015-2016 Colonel. She is the secretary of Student Congress and competitively horseback rides.

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