Idaho Pastor Shot by Former Marine

On March 7, it was announced that Tim Remington, a pastor at Coeur d’Alene church in Idaho, had survived multiple gunshots would including one to the head. Remington was shot six times March 6, by 30-year-old Kyle Andrew Odom. The entire event was caught on video.

Remington was able to survive the gunshot to the head because the bullet was stopped by his skull before it was able to enter. Physicians say he may have trouble with mobility but otherwise he is set to make a full recovery.

Odom was apprehended by the authorities on March 8 in front of the White House. Odom had been tossing objects over the fence of the White House, which drew attention to him. Pastor Remington had prayed with Ted Cruz, presidential candidate before the shooting.

The police have released a letter, allegedly written by the suspect, that suggests that Odom is mentally impaired. The letter claims that Odom is being followed by aliens who wish to make him their slave.

      Odom will face trial while his victim, Remington, will continue his work as a pastor after his recovery.

Savannah Houdeshell, staff writer

Freshman Savannah Houdeshell is a staff writer for the 2015-2016 Colonel. She participates in Operation Smile and is on the soccer team.

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