What Does Protesting Accomplish?

Policemen attacked, ambulances blocked by riots, torn signs and screaming individuals threatening to rape women. Needless to say it was an eventful weekend for Chicago and Donald Trump.

The riots began Friday night, March 11, when Trump’s campaign staffer announced that the rally would be postponed due to safety concerns. The major demonstration attracted hundreds of citizens at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Several fistfights broke out inside while, outside, two officers were injured (cnn.com).

Here’s one guy who tweeted his reaction to the protest:

“They were exercising free speech,” he wrote. His Twitter handle is @amazingathiest.

Here’s one more:

“I was really hoping somebody would assassinate Trump today in Chicago,” tweeted @fakingjewish.

Is this what America is coming to? Who in their right mind would support the killing of an individual?

I have never attended such a rally, but it is vital that feelings are demonstrated in a safe and smart manner. News flash: Smashing car windows and punching one another will lead to arrest and a ruined personal record.

“We’re all together and we want to get along with everybody, but when they have organized, professionally staged wise guys, we’ve got to fight back, we’ve got to fight back,” Trump said Saturday in Dayton.

Good point Mr. Trump, but perhaps watching your word choice in the future will create a more peaceful outcome at political events.

Here is one more thought: Instead of Bernie Sanders, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz collectively blaming Trump for the violence that took place this weekend, how about they all work together to make sure lives are not put in danger in the future.

Megan Brawner, Editor-in-Chief

Senior Megan Brawner is the Editor-in-Chief of the 2015-2016 Colonel. She is the captain of the cross country team and runs Indoor and Outdoor Track. She participates in Youth United for Global Action and Awareness (YUGA) Club and is the secretary of the Senior Class. She is the Editor of Key Club. She will attend Central Connecticut State University to study Business next fall.

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