Take Your Parent to School Day

Every kid remembers being fascinated with their parents’ job. Dressing up in their clothes and shoes ten times too big and prancing around the house with a purse or a briefcase pretending to go to work. Little kids live for take your kid to work day, the day they go to peek into their parents’ lives away from home. Now, parents will get the same chance.

On April 11, Ledyard High School will host Take Your Parent to School Day. All students are invited to bring their parents into school. Dear old dad can ride the bus in with you or your mom can ride shotgun as you drive to school. Once here, parents are invited to attend all of their child’s classes so they can understand what their child does at school all day. Now, not only will students get to experience the polynomials, but they’ll get to experience them with their parents at their sides.

Lots of students feel as though their parents lack an appreciation for how much work is required, and the amount of energy that goes into the school day.

“I would want my parents to see my math class so that they’ll stop getting on my case when I tell them that school is different now than it was when they were kids,” junior Samantha Beacham said. “And I wouldn’t want them to see the bathrooms because I feel like they might transfer me to a different school.”

“I would want them to see how much work we actually get done in class,” senior Destiny Kuss said. “I wouldn’t want them to see my test scores.”

“I would want them to see and relive the awkwardness of high school,” senior Xavier Edwards said. “I probably should act differently, but I think it would be fun to act normally.”

However, the students aren’t the only ones getting something out of this experience.

“That would be amazing,” parent Anne-Marie Martin said, “because I can follow my daughter around all day like a puppy dog.”

This new Ledyard High School event will allow parents and students to form a closer bond as they better understand each other’s daily lives.

Alex Houdeshell, Assistant Editor-in-Chief of Horizons

Junior Alex Houdeshell is the Assistant Editor-in-Chief of the 2015-2016 Horizons Yearbook. She is the president of Operation Smile and participates in Cupcakes for Causes. She is on the soccer team and she runs Indoor Track and Track and Field.

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