Water Bottle Fillers Become Voice Activated

Earlier in the year Student Congress helped raise money to fund the water bottle fillers by selling Ledyard water bottles for eight dollars. Many feel that the high-end luxury of not having to hold your water bottle as it fills up couldn’t get any better, but it just did. Starting on , April 10, all water bottle fillers will become voice activated.

This upgrade will be made due to the recent emails from parents about their child’s hands getting too damp when they fill up their water bottles. Many parents are seeing the wetness as a hazard to their child’s well being.

“Well if you ever used the fillers, you know that they just keep filling when something is in front of the sensor,” senior and Student Congress president Hannah Terrapin said. “So you always get water on your hands when you put the bottle under or take it out. Now you just yell GO and STOP and they’ll turn on and off. It’s a simple solution to the damp-hand problem.”

Senior Destiny Kuss is well experienced with the new technology because she used them at her former high school Central Kitsap in Washington State. “The best part is the crazy amount of things you can tell it and it listens,” she said. “Like you can say, ‘fill half of my water bottle’ and it will work.”

To help pay for the upgrade, Student Congress will be selling the remaining 200 water bottles for $12 at both lunches. You can also go to Mr. Casertano’s room to purchase them.

Dani Tynan, Editor-in-Chief of Horizons Yearbook

Senior Dani Tynan is the Editor-in-Chief of the 2015-2016 Horizons Yearbook. She is on the volleyball and softball team and she participates in Operation Smile. She will attend Eastern Connecticut State University to study Elementary Education next fall.

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