Starbucks Vending Machine to be Installed in LHS

Great news students! The wait is finally over and everyone’s dream is coming true. There will be a Starbucks vending machine installed in the school. “The Starbucks vending machine is going in the cafeteria with hot and cold drinks. It will be open during the school day to all students and staff,” custodian Craig Sylvester said. “Once you see me in a coffee costume you know the machine is open for business.”

There will also be a contest to go along with the new vending machine. Whomever buys the most coffee in a week will win a free Starbucks mug. The vending machine will also accept gift cards and you can make a Starbucks account to receive discounts.

The machine will be installed April 4 and will be open on April 5.

Julio Nieves, staff writer

Sophomore Julio Nieves is a staff writer for the 2015-2016 Colonel. He is on the basketball team.

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