Where’s the Air Conditioner When You Need it?

What does it mean to be too hot? According to Dictionary.com, the definition of a heat wave is “a period of abnormally hot and usually humid weather.” However, when walking into a classroom at Ledyard, the effect of the heat is almost the same. Just sitting for five minutes makes people want to rip off their sweatshirts and scooch away from the radiator. The sweltering heat is so intense that it almost makes students melt in their seats. Those students who have their heads down? They’re trying to survive. One anomaly that some students face is hot flashes. Every day students have to go to the nurse because they can’t stand the intense heat they feel when doing homework or just reading a book.

The only thing that keeps students going is the thought of finally going to lunch or the library to feel the cool sensation of the air conditioner. Some students start wearing shorts in the winter because they can’t stand the thought of wearing pants all day in school.

It’s important for students to feel comfortable in school and that does not just mean academically. When budget season comes around the first thing to request is air conditioners.

Ruth Gowitzke, staff writer

Senior Ruth Gowitzke is a staff writer for the 2015-2016 Colonel. She participates in Symphonic Band, Marching Band and Jazz Band. She will attend college next fall.

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