AP Testing Pushed Forward to the Beginning of April

Advanced Placement classes are wonderful in many ways. They challenge students to think in different ways, give students the opportunity to earn college credit and show colleges that students are serious about their academic careers.

Every year at Ledyard High School, bright and hardworking individuals take classes like AP Biology, AP U.S. History, AP Psychology and many more. Every May, however, students begin to panic about AP testing. This year, the frenzy has set in early — tests are being moved from the first two weeks of May to the second week of April.

Moving up the test date means the loss of one month of studying and it’s hitting students hard.

“It’s a travesty,” sophomore Charles Crain said. “AP classes are already fast-paced and rigorous. Moving up the test date will only bring more stress upon students and force teachers to rush teaching material.”

Sophomore Katherine Miller had similar thoughts. “I didn’t find out the AP tests were being moved until about five days ago. I’m so wildly unprepared and have barely slept the last few days. I’ve tried studying every night,  but I often find myself simultaneously crying out of fear of the unknown — and this is only with one AP (course),” she said. “I can’t possibly imagine what vigorous torture some of the juniors and seniors are going through.”

Junior Christian Kuss, a student in four AP classes, is overwhelmed as well. “I’m managing 45 minutes of sleep a night,” Kuss said. “With four APs I come home and lock myself in my room, leaving only to use the restroom. Once I found out the dates were changed, I stockpiled on coffee from BJs, but even that has not been enough to keep me awake.”

Unlike Crain, Miller and Kuss, sophomore Erika deAndrade, an AP Biology student, has a different opinion.

“I think as long as there aren’t any questions on the material I haven’t learned I’ll pass,” she said. “It’s better to just get this over with sooner rather than later. Anyways, it’s only AP Biology.”

AP exams begin April 4 and end April 15.

Carina Wang, staff writer

Sophomore Carina Wang is a staff writer for the 2015-2016 Colonel. She is on the FIRST Robotics team.

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