The 2015-2016 Report Card

A to the budget passing: The budget passed 689 to 347 in a townwide vote on May 17. The decisions weren’t easy, but it ensures nothing else will be cut. Thank you to the Board of Education for always keeping the students and their education in mind.

A to a second Spirit Week: Nothing surprised students more than the second pep rally of the year on May 20, with new categories of dress up days leading up to it. Even better, the rally was outside.

B to prom: Dresses, dates, dancing, oh my! Held on May 14 for juniors at the Port ‘N Starboard in New London and May 21 for seniors at the Mystic Marriott, the best part of prom is seeing everyone’s dresses on social media. However, the song selections made by the DJ made the night a tad frustrating for seniors.

B to cafeteria painting: Our cafeteria got a fresh coat of paint! The lively yellow really brightens the place up and makes us forget about whatever mystery meat we’re eating.

C to spring sports weather: It was a rocky road to get to the sunny and 70-degree days from the monsoon season we had at the start of spring sports.

D to retiring staff members: Years of dedication towards teaching sets an amazing example for the students within Ledyard’s walls. The Colonels will miss Ms. Roy, Mr. Winters and Superintendent Cathy Patterson.
F to senioritis: Senioritis: the unofficial official term for seniors who are done emotionally and physically with high school. You can tell your friends and teachers in junior year that this disease can’t possibly affect you next year, but you’ll only be lying to yourself.

The Colonel Staff

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