2016 Pops Preview

This year, the annual long anticipated Pops concert is taking place June 3 and June 4 at 7:30 p.m. at Ledyard High School.  Kids and teachers alike look forward to Pops because it is a fun, energetic and upbeat show. The show is also a sign that summer is quickly approaching. The concert is a time for all the chorus kids to be able to let loose and just have fun.

“My favorite part is the acting element of it,” senior Olivia Triplett said. “Rather than stay in place and just look presentable you have costumes and choreography and real performance and I love it.”

Many people are looking forward to Acabellas and Final Cut’s duet of a mash up of “Save the World” and “Don’t You Worry Child.” “Both Acabellas and Final Cut are very fun groups and it’s not common for us to do something together, so it’s cool to switch things up a little bit,” junior Bethanie Deveau said.  

Newcomer senior Abby Hennessey is very excited for her first Pops. “I have never been in a big production like this before and I have never had anything with dancing either,” she said. “Mostly though, I’m excited to have fun with my friends and just enjoying the music.”

Be sure to get your tickets for $5 soon so you don’t miss this lighthearted show that will help kick off your summer.

Dani Tynan, Editor-in-Chief of Horizons Yearbook

Senior Dani Tynan is the Editor-in-Chief of the 2015-2016 Horizons Yearbook. She is on the volleyball and softball team and she participates in Operation Smile. She will attend Eastern Connecticut State University to study Elementary Education next fall.


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