Going Wireless: The New iPhone


The iPhone 7 was announced Sept. 7 and has been available for purchase since Sept. 16.

The iPhone 7 includes many new features including the controversial AirPods. Apple removed the headphone jack and added wireless AirPods to be released late October at the price of $159. These tiny new wireless headphones are innovative but will probably get lost the moment you open the box, so Apple added a converter that plugs into your charger so you can enjoy your music if you lost your AirPods or if you just love the classic cords.

Some new design elements of the iPhone are water resistance, a new home button, and new jet black and black finishes. The screen is 25% brighter and more visually pleasing with vibrant colors and 3D touch.

Apple also added a new 12mp camera, with optical image stabilization, quad-LED true tone flash, and 7mb Facetime HD camera. In addition, they added another camera to provide a wide angle and optical zoom at 2x digital zoom up to 10x. The phone is the fastest iPhone yet and has the longest battery life of all the iPhones.

Hannah Chapman, Staff Writer

Junior Hannah Chapman is a staff writer for the 2016-2017 Colonel. When she is not participating in Ledyard’s swim and tennis teams, she is often listening to music and attending many concerts.

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