Personalized Parking Spots: Is it a Good Idea?

At LHS, students are always looking for a way to be more innovative and creative. A common idea among this year and last year’s senior class is decorating the parking spaces in the parking lot to customize and reserve a place to park.

This would be a great idea to express the creativity of students and also help with the “battle of the parking spots” that frequently arises. Although this may seem like a fun and helpful idea to avoid conflict, many different aspects go into it‍‍‍. Ms. Flanagan, one of the art teachers, was recently interviewed to get an idea of how plausible the idea of customizing parking spots is.

The verdict is that while the idea of painting the parking spots is great, the practicality of it is questionable. Ms. Flanagan brought up the idea of using special paints that are environmentally friendly and also are temporary, something the students wishing to decorate the spots most likely haven’t thought of buying. Next year’s seniors will also be wishing to follow in the footsteps and paint the parking spots, so the proper materials must be used in order to make sure they come off cleanly and serve as a fresh canvas for next year.

 Another popular concern is the image or design painted onto the spots. A process of going over what every senior is going to personalize their parking spot as would have to be put into effect, which can be a very slow process, and would be more suitable for next year.

While painting the parking spots is a good way to personalize and reserve a space to park a car without creating a hassle for others, it does not seem like a practical idea to be put into effect this year, but the juniors could take control in order to have it planned out for next year!

Morgan Sanborn, Staff Writer

Morgan is a senior involved in five different choirs, including Chamber, Concert, Womens, Acabellas and Carolers. She is also involved in the drama department, appearing in the 2017-2018 productions of “Almost, Maine”, and “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee”. Morgan is also involved in Cheerleading for the football and basketball season, and volunteers at events to raise money for the senior class

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