Strolls Stopped For Good

Due to the recent increase in students walking around various areas of the building during their “bathroom breaks,” LHS students will now need to sign into the main office after leaving their classrooms if they wish to use the bathroom. For those who attended Ledyard Middle School, this system should be familiar. “I think that’s crazy. It takes away valuable learning time and shows kids that the administration doesn’t trust them with something as simple as going to the bathroom,” said sophomore Gabrielle Terrapin.  Many students are expected to agree with Terrapin’s point of view heading into the new chapter in policy.

“Mr. Turner and I often sit in our offices, eating microwave popcorn and watching the cameras, and we track students as they take laps around the building. We know it’s not a FitBit craze,” said James Buonocore, an assistant principal at Ledyard High School, when addressing just how often and how long students spend time walking around the building. Turner, downing a fistful of popcorn, added, “You guys see the cameras mounted everywhere, don’t you? We can literally see you.”

Principal Amanda Fagan adds that it is not simply that the administration has grown tired of seeing the same students pacing floor to floor, hallway to hallway, on excursions that should rightly take only a few minutes. “It’s a matter of security. If students sign in at the office, it adds a second layer of confidence in our ability to track students’ movements at every moment of every day,” Fagan said. “It’s not surveillance,” said Buonocore, “it’s security.”

The new bathroom policy will be announced on Monday, April 3, and will take effect on Tuesday, April 4.

Jolie Suarez, Staff Writer

Sophomore Jolie Suarez is a staff writer for the 2016-2017 Colonel. She spends her time outside of class playing soccer and swimming. She also enjoys reading, writing, and singing.

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