March Report Card

A to Ledyard Idol: Congratulations to junior Emma Graebner for coming in first place, and all of the other Colonels who showed up to participate and support.

A to Class of 2020/2019 basketball tournament: Who doesn’t love some good healthy athletic competition? Fighting for bragging rights, many students went out to compete and raise money for the freshman and sophomore classes.

A to PALESTRA’s badminton tournament: Raising money for a larger cause, proceeds from PALESTRA’s tournament are dedicated to putting on the Ledyard Road Race in a couple months, which will be in honor of Conor Irwin.

A to Count Every Child: Props to YUGA for raising awareness for meaningful causes like these. During lunch periods, students could use their fingerprints to support the millions of children living without birth certificates.

C to CAPT testing: While this testing day is a blessing for upperclassmen, who don’t have to show up to school that day, it’s not so fun for the sophomores who have to sit for this long science test. Thankfully for the sophomores, they get their day off when grade 11 sits to take the SAT in April.

F to the snow during spring sports: With the keyword being “spring,” it should not be snowing! Our teams need to practice outside if we plan to bring home more ECC and State titles.

F to the parking spot crisis: NO ONE CARES IF SOMEONE IS IN YOUR PARKING SPOT. WE ALL HAVE BIGGER ISSUES. Also, what exactly makes a parking spot “yours?” They’re not assigned, every student spot is fair game. If you want to ensure your precious spot 307, get to school earlier.

F to “That’s mad ___”: Arguably one of the most annoying and overused new slang terms, it’s beyond unnecessary. There are so many words that can be used instead, including ‘very,’ ‘incredibly,’ ‘extremely,’ etc. learn a few. You’re ‘mad’ annoying.

Megan Rosen, Associate Editor-in-Chief

Junior Megan Rosen is the Associate Editor-in-Chief of The Colonel. She is on the varsity tennis team at Ledyard, participates in PALESTRA, and enjoys playing volleyball and basketball. When she is not in school, you can often find her shopping or eating waffles and drinking smoothies.

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