Kicking Her Way Into Sophomore Year

Freshman Savannah Wahrer is taking her soccer skills to a whole different playing field. Come Sept. 2017, she will be kicking her way into the Friday night lights. After representing Ledyard’s girls’ soccer team as a top goalie last year, Wahrer has prepared herself immensely for this opportunity to become a part of the Ledyard football team. Her punts go straight and they go far, so she doesn’t expect anything less than phenomenal field goals all season.

With Ledyard’s football team being one of the teams that requires immense commitment, Wahrer had to take into account her studies. “It was a difficult decision because my school work is so important to me,” Wahrer said. “But I am planning on getting a tutor or starting study groups with my friends so that I can stay caught up. History and math will be my challenge, but I believe that if I’m willing to put in the work, then I can be successful both on the field and in the classroom.”

Wahrer says she has always wanted to participate on the football team mostly because of the opportunity it provides. “It’s something that not most girls get the opportunity to do,” Wahrer said. “I think a lot of girls want to make this statement, but aren’t willing to be the first; hopefully this will open doors for a lot of Ledyard’s girls.”

Wahrer says to any girls who aspire to make movements as bold as hers to, “Just go for it, it might be scary at first, but you’ll eventually fall into place.”

Anxious for her upcoming season, Wahrer feels that she has been doing well on the soccer field and is ready to encounter this new challenge.


Olivia Strelevitz, Staff Writer

Sophomore Olivia Strelevitz is a staff writer for the 2016-17 Colonel. Not only is she an honors student, she is also a competitive swimmer competing for LHS and TAC. Outside of the pool, Strelevitz works as the Secretary of Key Club and participates in Student Congress.

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