Athletes of the Month: Johnay Burns and Moriya Phillips

Even though Ledyard Girls’ Varsity Basketball is coming to an end, the spotlight on Seniors Moriya Phillips and Johnay Burns will forever shine. Both young ladies gathered family members to walk the court and put their hearts into one more game to take the win from Woodstock Academy. With the score being 57-46, these young women held their ground both defensively and offensively to keep Woodstock behind the whole game.

“I’m not really going to miss much about high school basketball because I am playing college, but I will kind of miss my teammates,” Burns said after the game. Burns has played for the Ledyard Colonels on varsity for three years. But senior night was not like an ordinary game for Burns and her family. She had over 20 family members come to support her, who created a fan section with signs, balloons, and happy cheers for her the entire game.

“Senior night was crazy, the game was really close for the most part, but I am glad I had my family there. My fan base was hype I had about 20 people show up, it was like my own Colonel Crew.” Burns explains the importance of the support during the game.

It’s not just the game that can make a girl feel special, but the love from her family at the same time. Phillips also had a feel for that during the game as she opened up senior night with an outstanding National Anthem that left the whole crowd in awe.

“I enjoyed singing the National Anthem there,” Phillips said. “It was my first time singing in front of people by myself. The reactions afterwards made me feel pretty good. Also I enjoyed recognizing the other seniors too!” She spent all four years of her high school career devoted to the Colonel team and landed on varsity her junior year. Phillips also mentioned “I am going to miss being apart of a team the most, and the team chemistry.” Basketball will never be an individual’s sport. To win or to even play the game you have to work as a team and once you have that together you need to become a family.

Only Burns sees herself playing at the college level if recruited, as Phillips says she will only play again if it’s a pickup game with her friends in the streets.


Corrynne Medina, Staff Writer

Senior Corrynne Medina is a staff writer for the 2016-2017 Colonel. She plays varsity basketball and softball and participates in Young Marines. After graduation, she will be going into the United States Marine Corps.

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