Cringy Things LHS Students Do

Everyone has something that makes them tick. Whether it’s seeing public displays of affection  (PDA), or getting stuck behind someone who thinks it’s cool to stop right in the middle of one of the busiest hallways to talk to a friend, these are a few things that people do that elicit cringes everywhere.

  1. Walking slowly down crowded hallways. Not only do people walk slowly, taking up enough space as it is, they walk in groups. Making barriers so no one can pass, other people are stuck behind these people until they split up.
  2. Walking with phones. Are people really so attached to their phones that they can’t put it away while walking to their next class? Whatever it is, it can wait. Nothing life-altering is going to happen during the few minutes it takes to get somewhere, so put it away.
  3. PDA. Yeah, people date in high school, but everyone else doesn’t need to see all the gory details before walking into a classroom. If two people are into each other and want to date, that’s fine, but everyone else doesn’t need to see the show.
  4. Constantly posting on social media. Do people really need to know what someone has for lunch everyday, or someone’s views on politics? Social media allows people to share things about themselves and keep in contact with friends, but there is such a thing as too much information.
  5. Blasting music in the hallways. Some people might like the same music, but not everyone. One person’s musical taste shouldn’t be forced on to everyone, and there are these things called headphones that keeps music private.
  6. Being a hypocrite. Sure someone can complain about something someone said or did, but the moment that person does it also is the moment it’s gone too far. Why complain about something they’ve done before? 
  7. Playing on phones during class. If someone pulls it out to do an occasional time    check or use it as a tool for class that’s okay. Yet constantly Snapchatting friends during a lesson is not. When someone pulls out their phone it not only distracts them, but the people around them. Students go to school to learn, not constantly play games. 

Rachel Evans, Staff Writer

Sophomore Rachel Evans is a staff writer for the 2016-17 Colonel. She plays in Marching Band, Wind Orchestra, and Symphonic Band. Outside of school, she enjoys taking photos.


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