September Report Card

A to air conditioning. Too bad we don’t have it, we spent our money on phone pockets instead.

A to fall sports. Fall sports are off to a great start! Go to @ledyardsports on Twitter for specific stats of your favorite Colonel teams and players.

A to fall weather. If this has to be explained to you, you’re insane.

A to the yearbook cover! We can’t tell you what it is, but it’s good. Buy one, or two, or eight.

A to Chris Herren and Attaboy: However, it would have been better for the students’ emotions if the orders were reversed. I needed a peppy concert after Chris Herren’s impactful speech.

C to the girls who fell in love with Attaboy boys. Ryan, Jeff, and Christian are all different versions of perfect, but we can’t have them. Will Mrs. Fagan be available for counseling heartbroken girls?

D to the add/drop period already ending. WE ARE TEENAGERS; WE ARE INDECISIVE… UGHHHH.

D to Google Classroom making sick students do assignments WHILE STILL SICK. Being sick sucks, but not having to worry about school for like two seconds is really nice.

F to already wanting to go home everyday during 1st block (Senioritis). It’s kinda too early for that, we have a looong way to go.

F to class assemblies. The same information. Every. Single. Year.

F to icebreakers. Here are my two truths and a lie: I hate this game, I hate icebreakers, and I hate kittens.

F to phone pockets. How sad is it that 13-18 year olds still have to be treated like second graders?

F to the inevitable cold already being spread around LHS: I don’t know about y’all, but I don’t enjoy having to take a test while the person behind me is sneezing up a storm; I also don’t enjoy being that person. Side note: I have been both people in this scenario already.

F to hurricanes. Science teacher Jim Wisniewski predicts we will have a four day weekend starting this Thursday due to Hurricane Jose, the third major hurricane of North America this year. This means more school in the summer. Yay.

F to the entire senior class hating on Holden Caulfield. “Everyone’s wrong,” – Carina Wang, in Caulfield’s defense.

F to thinking that Holden Caulfield is a decent character. “No. Everyone is right. This book is trash. I can write a better book than J.D. Salinger. You’re in AP English, Carina, shut upppp.” – Megan Rosen

Megan Rosen, Editor-In-Chief

Senior Megan Rosen is the Editor-In-Chief for the 2017-2018 Colonel. She participates in the varsity tennis team and PALESTRA at LHS. When she is not in her constant state of sleepiness, you can find her eating a plethora of mexican or breakfast foods while watching Food Network, although she could never cook a thing herself. After school, she enjoys browsing Pinterest and hanging out with Leonardo DiCaprio and Ezra Fitz, her cats, as they are better than most people. After high school she hopes to finally escape Connecticut after a long 17 years and attend High Point University to pursue psychiatry, or maybe she’ll change her major as much as she changes her favorite TV show…

Carina Wang, Editor-In-Chief of Horizons

Senior Carina Wang is the Editor-in-Chief of Horizons. In school, she can be found participating in PALESTRA, taking yearbook pictures, and/or going through iPhone withdrawal. She loves peace, Starbucks, Pinterest, and her own Tumblr blog. Her top two aspirations in life are to top 10,000 followers (on the aforementioned Tumblr blog) and to go to NYU. Her favorite author is JK Rowling, and that’s not “boring” or “lame,” @Nathan McCracken.

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