IT Review

“I’m every nightmare you’ve ever had. I’m your worst dream come true. I’m everything you ever were afraid of.”

Anyone who is a horror movie fanatic has seen the original Stephen King’s IT. Twenty seven years later, just as Pennywise would be resurfacing in Derry, Maine, the remake of IT came out. The remake was truly terrifying but had a good amount of humor twisted in.

The story takes place in Derry, Maine where people disappear at a rate six times the national average. If that isn’t enough, every 27 years, Pennywise, the dancing clown resurfaces and feeds on children, finds their fears, and uses it against them. When a group of friends, the Loser Club, needs to band together to put a stop to the craziness. It will test their strength and friendship. Throughout the movie, I kept comparing it to the original miniseries and I felt this adaptation related more to the book and had more connections. The movie did a great job touching on each character’s personal backstory, what they were afraid of, and how they all come together to stop Pennywise.

The entire movie had me hiding behind my sweatshirt, and the overall eeriness of the film was great and I felt did the original movie justice. I enjoyed the aspects of the movie that were not all about the horror, but about the friends coming together and facing their fears. The movie was very well-rounded and had just the right amount of horror, humor, and friendship. I felt the movie was more of a thriller than a horror and could have been scarier, but it did much more than tug on fear, it made me laugh, smile, and overall it made me glad I don’t live in Derry, Maine. The movie left viewers with a hint that a sequel was coming, the adulthood of the Losers Club, which I am very much looking forward to in the future.

Anna Leandri, Staff Writer

Sophomore Anna Leandri is a staff writer for the 2017-2018 Colonel and a serious Harry Potter addict. When she’s not eating Moe’s, she’s practicing volleyball and track plotting how to defeat all of her friends and family in various board games.

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