April Report Card

A to Powerade machines in the locker rooms. All athletes will finally get the sports drinks they deserve! Not for free, but still a nice addition.

A to The Colonel returning to paper form. Turns out a WordPress subscription is more expensive than paper, who would’ve thought. Copies of next week’s Colonel will be available in the library, cafeteria, and guidance office.

A to the Shake Shack opening in Ledyard. Everyone wanted another coffee place in the Ledyard/Gales Ferry area, but what about a good burger place? More cheese fries, less sugary drinks. Good deal.

A to Putnam’s 25th Annual Spelling Bee. Congrats to the Drama program earning millions of dollars for their great rendition of this musical. This was possibly one of the most hilarious musicals ever put on at Ledyard. If you missed this one, we pity you.

A to all of the Colonels who have earned NCAA scholarships. May Ledyard Colonels make March 2019 just a little more mad.

F to April Fool’s pranks on Easter. Please do not put mustard in Cadbury eggs, the world does not need that.

F to the middle school renovation being held back. When will LHS get their renovation if they never finish LMS? Never? Okay.

F to all athletics merging with Fitch. Due to Ledyard’s nonexistent budget, athletics have finally taken a hit. All athletes will have to give up their navy uniforms for some red Falcons jerseys. Bye bye, Ledyard sports.


Megan Rosen, Staff Writer

Senior Megan Rosen is a staff writer for the 2017-2018 Colonel. She participates in the varsity tennis team and PALESTRA at LHS. When she is not in her constant state of sleepiness, you can find her eating a plethora of Mexican or breakfast foods while watching Food Network, although she could never cook a thing herself. After school, she enjoys browsing Pinterest and hanging out with Leonardo DiCaprio and Ezra Fitz, her cats, as they are better than most people. After high school she hopes to finally escape Connecticut after a long 17 years and attend High Point University to pursue psychiatry, or maybe she’ll change her major as much as she changes her favorite TV show…

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