No Headphones, No Fun

During the March faculty meeting, the Ledyard High School faculty decided to ban all headphones use during the school day. The previous policy put in place stated that students were not allowed to have both earbuds in their ears at the same time.

Teachers brought up to the administration that students continue to have both in at the same time, causing them to be distracted during class. By banning headphones, students will be forced to pay attention in class and hallways instead of spending their time watching Netflix and listening to the latest album release. The new policy will be put in place immediately and all teachers are allowed to give out detentions for students who do not obey.

Principal Fagan states the reason behind the new policy is not only because of the distraction in class, but also the issue of safety. “If students are listening to music at a high level it can cause a safety concern for them, they can miss out on the announcement of a lockdown or not hear a situation going on in the hallway during passing period. Students shouldn’t be having fun in school anyway, listening to music allows them unnecessary joy that is not needed on school grounds. I don’t want kids singing and dancing to enjoy themselves during the block; they should only be focused on writing 74 page essays for their teachers.” This new policy will carry over to the 2018-2019 school year.


Emily Nixie, Staff Writer

Tajeah Winston, Staff Writer

Sophomore Tajeah Winston is a staff writer for the 2017-2018 Colonel. She loves just about any sport almost as much as she loves cows. She is often spotted eating crazy amounts of white rice.



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