Tips for Incoming Freshmen

Every year new freshmen enter their high school with some background knowledge about the school from their siblings or older friends, but most people don’t get the inside scoop like people with these connections do. So, to help enlighten the incoming freshmen, here are some tips about the school that would be of use to know for the 2018-2019 year.

Beginning of the Day

Starting at the beginning of the day, until 7:30, the only bathroom anyone is allowed to use is the 100s hall bathroom. This is because teachers and administrators don’t want anyone walking around the school until the first bell rings, unless a student has a pass signed by a teacher to go to a class for help before school; everyone will have the option to do this when the teacher they need help with is available. Speaking of not being able to go to any other places before the bell, the locker rooms also happen to be one of those places that teachers and administrators don’t like students going to in the morning. This prevents students from loitering until the first bell.

Before Lunch & After Morning Bell

When it comes to the first half of the day, the Pledge of Allegiance and announcements are always at the beginning of second block, even if there is a schedule change. Something helpful to know would be that most classes don’t start class until after the announcements have happened. The pledge and announcements are roughly five minutes and don’t even start immediately after the bell rings. So, that means it’s a good time to go to the bathroom, or get schoolwork done and get situated for class. Another thing that would be good to know is that when trying to get from one part of the school to another it takes two minutes, if walking consistently, to get to class on time, so there’s no rush when trying to arrive on time when the bell sounds.

Lunch Times

During lunch waves, lunch lasts for about 25 minutes. So, anyone planning to eat should eat fast! Lunch is also a very convenient time to get things done. Anyone is allowed to go to the library during lunch waves, but must sign in before they start working. If anyone has unfinished work the library is a great place to print and work on homework. It’s also no rumor that teachers get mad when people ask to go to the bathroom right after lunch, so on the way back make sure to stop at the bathroom before going into class. If anyone has second lunch it’s highly recommended to leave books/bags in third block classrooms. After lunch is over everyone in second lunch goes back to their classrooms to get their books/bags and makes their way to their fourth block.

After Lunch/ End of the Day

Lastly, getting to buses is no rush, unless the bus is an out of town bus. Everyone will get approximately ten minutes to get on their bus, which is plenty of time to stop at lockers, go to the bathroom, etc. If anyone is planning on staying after school with a teacher, an email with parent permission sent to the teacher is recommended for safety precautions to make sure everyone has a ride home.

Incoming freshmen, don’t stress about school, all the hints and tips to have a good year are here. There’s nothing to worry about now that you know what to do.

Serina Walsh, Staff Writer

Sophomore Serina Walsh is a staff writer for the 2017-2018 Colonel. You will most likely find her up all night with a big bowl of Ramen studying memes, so she is always up to date with them, watching various YouTube videos, and constantly leaving those who interrupt this sacred time ON READ.

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