Arts Night 2018

Arts Night is an annual night held at the Ledyard High School to honor the students who took an art class during the school year allowing them to show their pieces of work. This year the date will fall on Thursday, May 24, from 5 to 7 p.m., and end right before the last Coffee House of the year.  Most of the art pieces will be shown in the 200s and 600s hallways, and the two art rooms will also be open where a handful of students will be working on current projects while answering questions.

There are five classes displaying different pieces that in the showcase.

Art 1: Line design, value collage, geometric still life, tessellation, color wheel, self-portrait, watercolor landscape, big head paper mache

Art 2: Element of art prism, cubist still life, paper sculpture installation, pop art still life, art history self portrait, soft sculpture

Ceramics 1: Bobble head, coil vessel, face mug

Ceramics 2: Wheel thrown cylinders, animal sculpture, sgraffito mask, set of mugs

Ceramics 3: Four piece tea set

Each student will choose two pieces of their own work to display their talent.  When art students were asked what they were looking most forward to on Arts Night, junior Ian Patterson (Art 1) enthusiastically responded, “having the opportunity to present my work to the public.”


Mrs. Marciano stated, “I personally am looking forward to seeing all of the hard work and dedication of our 250+ art students on display for family, friends, teachers, and other members from the Ledyard community to experience. One of the unique aspects at Arts Night is the opportunity to see our art students in the studio, working on their artwork. We will have students giving potter’s wheel demonstrations, students working at the tables working in clay, paper mache, paint, or drawing. The interactiveness of what Arts Night provides is a special experience for the students and the visitors. “

Ms. Flanagan explained how this show will be different from past years. “[A] major change that has been made is that we now hold Arts Night on the same night as the spring Coffee House (which takes place in the courtyard outside), so it’s not just about visual creativity, but about other forms of expression, too. Arts Night is always fun, because it’s so great to see how creative our students are, and all the hard work they’ve done. Sometimes, people think of an art museum or gallery and it’s very quiet inside, you can’t touch anything, you’re not sure what it all means…we try to keep the vibe of Arts Night a lot more energetic, engaging and interesting to all who attend.”

Make a mark on your calendar for May 24 and come see how much time and dedication these kids put in their pieces of work. Enjoy a night in a fun energetic environment while enjoying walking around seeing multiple different pieces of different types of art.

Emily Worst, Staff Writer

Senior Emily Worst is a staff writer for the 2017-2018 Colonel. She is an advocate for cystic fibrosis and is going to Johnson and Wales University in the Fall to pursue a career in pastry and management. She is often found at the beach and eating steak and french fries, but not really at the same time.

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