Four Games, Another Win

For four straight years the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers have been facing off in the NBA finals. The NBA finals can consist of up to seven games, depending on how many wins a certain team has. In order to win the title, one team must obtain four wins before the other team.. This is a big moment because in sports’ history, in general, because the same two teams have never gone head-to-head in the finals or championship for four straight years. After competing each and every year, the Golden State Warriors have three of the four titles placing them on top.

During this year’s face-off during game one, the Cleveland Cavaliers tied the game with ten seconds left, in order to make the game go into overtime, in which they ended up losing by ten points 114-124. Despite Lebron James scoring 51 points in this game, the GSW still beat the Cavs. Many people have come to blame JR. Smith because with 4.7 seconds left, he got a rebound and dribbled it away from the basketball hoop claiming that he didn’t know they were tied.

Overall, the two teams both have many talented players, as evidenced, will probably continue to make it to the finals until other teams get more talented players as well, or either team loses some talent.

Tajeah Winston, Staff Writer

Sophomore Tajeah Winston is a staff writer for the 2017-2018 Colonel. She loves just about any sport almost as much as she loves cows. She is often spotted eating crazy amounts of white rice.

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