Holy Crepes!

There is a new business in town, Mitzi’s Coffee and Crepes located at 39 Kings Highway. Mitzi’s opened up in Gales Ferry less than a month ago, and they did not disappoint. As soon as anyone walks in the door they are greeted by nothing but smiles. It is a very cozy restaurant for everyone to enjoy and they even  have a nice study room available for all students drowning in finals work. Not only is the setting a good place to hang out, but the food is tasty as well. They have a wide variety of crepes, which are basically thin, delicious pancakes, ranging from a savory ham and cheese to a sweet, chocolate-strawberry crepe. They have something for everyone who comes into their shop.

Mitzi’s is a great addition to this town and is a comfy place for everyone to stop in and relax for a bit. Mitzi’s is owned by LHS’s very own Mr. and Mrs. Meyers. It is highly suggested to come and support this newly thriving business in our town! To learn more about Mitzi’s find them on Facebook at Mitzi’s Coffee & Crepes.

Anna Leandri, Staff Writer

Sophomore Anna Leandri is a staff writer for the 2017-2018 Colonel and a serious Harry Potter addict. When she’s not eating Moe’s, she’s practicing volleyball and track and plotting how to defeat all of her friends and family in various board games.

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