SAVE: Start with Hello Week!

SAVE club was formed last year by a few students who wanted a safer school. People can get involved by participating in Start with Hello Week from September 24-29!

Monday 9/24: Start With A Smile

There will be a photo booth with props during both lunch waves where people can take some pictures.

Tuesday 9/25: Be A Life Saver

Members of SAVE will be handing out Life Saver candies during the day to students who sign a pledge to be kind.

Wednesday 9/26: Random Acts of Kindness

Do a random act of kindness just for fun!

Thursday 9/27: Compliments Day

Compliment someone! It could be about how amazing their outfit is or anything at all!

Friday 9/28: Wear Green

The main color for SAVE is green so wear some green to end the week!

September 24-28 is Start with Hello Week! LHS SAVE club is holding the first Start with Hello Week of LHS. Start with Hello Week helps raise awareness about social isolation and educates students and the community about how to prevent it. Each day will have a new theme that will help with creating a safe, welcoming environment at LHS. Start with Hello Week will begin with Start With A Smile on Monday, September 24. Hope you can participate!

Sandra Jimenez, Staff Writer

Junior Sandra Jimenez is a staff writer for the 2018-2019 Colonel. At LHS she participates in SAVE Club while pursuing her hobby in photography. After school, you’ll most likely find her studying Japanese and Korean while listening to K-Pop.

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