Gratitude Greetings From the Colonel Staff

As we are getting ready to leave for Thanksgiving break, our journalism class wanted to take a moment to express the gratitude we all have in hopes to inspire gratitude in all of our readers.

Anna Leandri is thankful for her amazing family, her two cats, and that she’s going to Hawaii for Christmas break.

Jacob Viramontez is thankful for his drum set because it relieves all the stressful things from his life and makes him very happy.

Liam Mullin is thankful for his uncle’s amazing stuffing.

Nikolas Bailey is thankful for his wonderful friends and for having a roof to live under.

Sarah Moynihan is thankful for her amazing and supportive friends and family. She is also thankful to be done with all her college applications!

Sandra Jimenez is thankful for her amazing family and being able to spend time with them for the holidays.

Milliam Torres is thankful for Twitter and delicious Spanish food.

Cassidy Carroll is thankful for her two dogs and her cat because they love her so much.

Omar Whitmore is thankful for playing basketball and his great relationship with his brothers.

Tajeah Winston is thankful for four people who strongly impact her life who are her mom, Jade, Omar, and Herman.

Carlos Diez is thankful for football and for getting to spend time with his amazing friends.

Ella Lindbeck is thankful for her amazing friends and loving family.

Morgan Sanborn and Anthony Zinno are both thankful that the musical will be over in a few weeks and that they will have lots of free time after.

Ms. Szell is thankful for the family that she gets to see from New York, having an awesome job, and getting extra time to snuggle with her cats.

Ms. Malavazos is thankful for her family, friends, cats, and Hallmark Christmas movies.

We are all thankful for something in our lives, so share with us what you may be thankful for in the comments section below.

                                                          Happy Thanksgiving!


Hannah Avila, Staff Writer

Sophomore Hannah Avila is a staff writer for the 2018-2019 ColonelShe is a three-sport athlete who participates in volleyball, indoor track, and softball.  When she’s not playing or practicing sports she is home with her dog and usually has her nose in some type of romance novel.

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