Review of the Fall Musical

On November 28, I had the pleasure of seeing “The Addams Family” musical at  Ledyard High School. The musical was about two hours long and not once did I look around the auditorium out of boredom or close my eyes. The musical was exciting and very clever in the way the cast delivered the script’s corny jokes, which the music complemented very well.

The acting throughout the play was phenomenal. I wasn’t expecting much from a high school musical, but everyone involved completely blew me away with their top-tier performances and superb acting. The one performance that I really was looking forward to seeing was the character Gomez Addams portrayed by senior Anthony Zinno. Anthony gave a very good mix of humor and attitude to his role which complemented the musical’s style very well. One scene, in particular, had Zinno repeating corny jokes to the other visiting families parents and then hysterically laughing at it by himself until quickly returning serious again which, to me, captured his character perfectly: a goofy, major comic relief in the play’s runtime.

Behind the outstanding acting was the music, a small band with no more than 15 adults who truly made the musical shine. The towering bass lines, busy percussion, and memorable melodies made my girlfriend and I bounce our heads to the beat and hum along to the band. Every note played by the band, even difficult transitions, were precise and perfectly in time. It was simply breathtaking and a pleasure to listen to.

Although “The Addams Family” was a memorable musical, there were some minor issues I had. For one, the sound regarding the mics on the actors sounded a bit off sometimes. Actors voices would sometimes cut in and out of sentences and left me confused at points because I wasn’t able to hear a segment of a sentence.  Another minor issue I had with the musical was some of the transitions between sets. Sometimes, during the transitions, it was a bit awkward with actors making mistakes while switching sets which led to prolonged moments of movement and silence on stage.

In all, the musical was fantastic. The musical captured everything the 1960s “The Addams Family” did well, and brought even more laughs with this stunning musical.


Jacob Viramontez, Staff Writer

Junior Jacob Viramontez is a staff writer apart of the 2018-19 Colonel. He plays drum set and percussion in the LHS Jazz band and wind orchestra. He likes to practice and play shows with out of school bands in his free time. You can always see Jacob wearing Vans clothing tapping on any object he touches.


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