November As and Fs

A to Thanksgiving Break

The year is winding down and Thanksgiving was warmly welcomed as it’s one of the first big breaks. And what’s not to like? Food, Black Friday deals, and the change to the wonderful, magical Christmas season. Now we just have to make it through the next month of school before Christmas break. At least there’s Christmas music and plenty of Thanksgiving leftovers to help pass the time.

A to the “Addams Family” Musical

Cast members rehearsed for weeks and it wasn’t for nothing. The musical was a hit and evoked laughs from the audience, with great solos and not to mention, a very talented cast that put on amazing performances. A big shout out to members like Cat Jackson who stayed in character during intermission and sold flowers and candy to audience members as a way to go above and beyond!

A to the Women’s Leadership Conference

Three club leaders at our school, along with Mr. Jannke, joined together to put together this forum. The panel of women who spoke were very powerful and motivational, which gave inspiration by spreading messages about staying positive and motivated. Dr. Byars said, “be kind to yourself, you are gonna fail and you can’t beat yourself up over it because the person who picks you up is you.” It is inspiration like this that made this forum one to remember.

A to NHS Induction

Junior and senior inductees were joined by old members as they made their way into one of the highest societies in the school. New inductees dressed for success and were given flower corsages to wear as they walked into the next chapter of their lives. Congrats to all!

A to NAHS Induction

The induction was filled with the students best artwork, speeches on the impact of art, and both new and old members left their mark on a large canvas. The night also included a speech by special guest Robin Nelson, an artist who graduated from Ledyard High School. Overall, the night was one to remember.

A to Ken Turner and Olivia Strelevitz’s Signing

Congratulations to Seniors Olivia Strelevitz and Ken Turner for signing for their colleges. Olivia signed for swimming at Southern Connecticut State University and Ken signed for baseball at the University of Hartford. Being at the signing and seeing their friends and family glisten with excitement and happiness is just a prime example of the colonel kindness and love that’s shared throughout this school. Congrats to both and best wishes in the future!

B to the Food Drive

The food drive is always a wonderful time to give back to those in need. While people brought in food, there wasn’t nearly as much food given as there was in the past. The annual food drive is all about giving a good meal to those less fortunate, every single can counts, Come on Colonels!

B to the Powder Puff Game

The Powderpuff football game was a great idea. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a large turnout due to the chilly conditions. Maybe if it was a little warmer outside there would have been a bigger turnout? Nonetheless, it was still a good time and the senior and freshman team was able to pull through and win.

C to Daylight Saving

The change in time is always a pain. Although we gained an extra hour (to sleep of course), the darkness sets in quick making it seem like it’s the middle of the night by 4:30. Only 94 days till the time changes back, and we’re that much closer to summer.

C to Civics in Action project starting way too early

The Civics In Action project usually begins in March, but the sophomores this year are in for a surprise as it is well underway. Is this change for the better or for worse? By the multiple mental breakdowns present in the hallways and in class, that might give you an answer.

D to lack of student involvement

There has been an abundance of opportunities to get involved such as the Women’s Leadership Conference, The Powderpuff football game etc. These were two great events to attend but lacked attendance. Maybe it’s the cold weather or maybe everyone’s inside hibernating for the upcoming winter. However, take advantage of all possible opportunities out there; you won’t regret it! No excuses!

F to Mrs. Anderson leaving

Mrs. Anderson has been a Spanish teacher at our school for a long time. However, students and staff learned that she is saying farewell, and moving out of state to another school. She will be missed dearly by all her students and her two adorable fish. Buena suerte, Mrs. Anderson and most importantly remember, once a Colonel, always a Colonel!

Sarah Moynihan, Staff Writer

Senior Sarah Moynihan is a staff writer for the 2018-2019 Colonel. She is a member of the LHS volleyball team, Key Club, and one of the co-presidents for Amnesty International. In her free time, she can be caught practicing volleyball, reading, or watching the latest movie. And if you see her in the hallways of school, she is probably laughing at her own joke with her best friend Nayeli by her side.

Milliam Torres, Staff Writer

Senior Milliam Torres is a staff writer for the 2018-2019 Colonel. Although she’s not enrolled in any clubs or sports, she spends that free time hanging out with friends, watching movies, and working the 8-hour shifts her job loves to give her.


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